AB Dynamics Group companies

Although we specialise in human-in-the-loop simulation, it’s worth noting that Ansible Motion is also a part of AB Dynamics Group. This provides our customers with a unique and incomparable palette of vehicle testing, simulation, verification, and validation solutions – encompassing dynamics, suspension and steering characterisation, durability, subjective and objective assessments and numerous development tools for driver assistance systems and autonomy.


We invite you to learn more about each of the AB Dynamics companies below:




rFpro is the world’s most realistic, engineering-grade visual simulation environment provider. rFpro’s real-time simulation software and geo-specific digital twins for human eye and sensor immersion integrate seamlessly with Ansible Motion DIL simulators.





AB Dynamics provides world-leading laboratory, track testing and proving ground automation solutions for vehicle evaluation and development via its comprehensive range of offerings – from suspension, steering and chassis test rigs to driving robots, controllable soft targets and more. Acquired measurement and validation data perfectly compliments DIL simulation.





Dynamic Research Inc. provides full-scale track testing, R&D and consultancy services for dynamics, HMI, ADAS, ergonomics and autonomy. DRI’s experience and pioneering testing solutions offer balance to virtual test driving sessions conducted in DIL simulator labs.




Zynit Vadotech provides objective and subjective on-road vehicle and on-board systems evaluation services for customer assurance of quality attributes and durability. As it is at Ansible Motion, deep understanding of human-vehicle interactions is at the core of Zynit VadoTech’s approach.



Venshure Test Services provides specialised dynamometer-based testing services for vehicles, with a focus on mileage accumulation and assessment of electric vehicle (EV) powertrain and battery performance across a range of extreme climatic conditions. Coupling these services with human behavior  analyses from DIL simulations provides new insights for developing tomorrow's powertrains.




ABD Solutions provides industry-unique autonomous control retrofit solutions for vehicle fleets, material handling, defence, mining and agriculture applications. The same technologies used to connect real people to DIL simulation environments benefit remote and/or autonomous operation of real vehicles in real-world situations.


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