In order to meet the demands of the world’s leading automobile constructors, Ansible Motion’s product range consists of three series of DIL simulators.  Each series is uniquely defined by its level of driver immersion and architectural features, as described below.

delta-icon3 Theta series



  • Real-time model verification and development
  • Driver interaction with sophisticated simulations, including SIL and HIL

key features

  • Efficient form factor with realistic seating position and driver interfaces
  • High fidelity steering feedback and image generation,  robust real-time computation
Theta series data sheet
delta-icon2 Sigma series



  • Cross-functional product evaluation and virtual driving
  • Onboard systems verification, human factors, HMI design, virtual test driving

key features

  • Scalable form factor with realistic surroundings and selected driver cues
  • Full-size, multi-projector vision system, docking station for immersive cabins

Sigma series data sheet

Delta SeriesDelta series



  • Expert driver evaluation of key vehicle attributes
  • Full vehicle performance including dynamics, ADAS, autonomous, active safety

key features

  • Full form factor with realistic dynamic cabin and multi-sensory immersion
  • Force-controlled 6DOF vestibular motion base, multi-sensory supplemental feedback

Delta series data sheet

Ansible Motion’s Delta, Sigma, and Theta series simulators all share the following common characteristics:

common features

  • Computer systems built and tested to exacting performance standards
  • Direct software interfaces for compatibility with many external tools
  • Robust co-simulation toolset with high bandwidth communication
  • Multi-system low latency synchronization
  • Modular framework for future growth and adaptability
  • Availability of many standard and bespoke options
  • Cross-compatibility and model sharing between each series
  • On-going services and support for hardware and software


white paper: 

Driving Simulator Technology and How Automotive Manufacturers Will Benefit


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Driver-in-the-Loop simulation use cases

Theta series
Sigma series
Delta series
Assist with development projects for road car, motorsports, and special vehicles
Implement a new damper physics model from a supplier; test its real-time function and its influence on steering vibration level
Test a newly developed tire model for its influence on vehicle turn-in feeling on five different road surfaces
Evaluate three new proving ground handling course designs in advance of construction
Refine a prototype vehicle handling test plan by pre-driving several of the tuning setups that were suggested by an off-line simulation DOE
Survey fifty non-expert drivers for specific behaviours in response to discrete Electronic Stability Control (ESC) settings
Simultaneous multi-continent manager virtual ride & drive to evaluate a defined range of ECU settings that interact with a Collision Mitigation Braking (CMB) system
Isolate key traction control and stability control interplay settings in order to streamline an upcoming test programme
Create safe experiments for monitoring common driver reactions to specific autonomous control hand-overs
Subjective evaluation of second round tire submissions from two suppliers, with focus on yaw-from-steer response and turn-in linearity
Accumulate virtual testing hours on a new race rack; professional driver gains lap experience while race engineers pre-qualify the driver’s wing setting preferences
Prepare for an upcoming evaluation event by pre-testing high speed stability with three expert drivers and ten distinct rear suspension geometry changes
Safely evaluate a matrix of extreme suspension, tire, and vehicle loading conditions for Fishhook and J-turn manoeuvres

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