Honda Pushes For SUPER GT & Super Formula Success With Ansible Simulators

In January, Honda Motor Corporation announced the integration of all automobile and motorcycle racing activities under the revamped Honda Racing (HRC) banner. This includes the Honda factory programmes in the Autobacs SUPER GT Series and the ...

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driver-in-the-loop (DIL) simulator

Ansible Motion reveals full details of its latest driver-in-the-loop (DIL) ...

Designed to validate the technologies needed to enable megatrends of electrification, autonomy and driver assistance, as well as HMI and vehicle dynamics, the production version of Ansible Motion’s ...

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driving simulators keep drivers in the loop

How simulators are keeping drivers in the loop

Vehicle simulators have changed beyond recognition in the past few years. Just Auto spoke to Ansible Motion’s founder Kia Cammaerts about its latest technologies.

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British Engineering Excellence Award

Driving simulator secures 2022 British Engineering Excellence Award

Just two months after receiving the Queen’s Award for Enterprise, Ansible Motion has added another accolade in 2022, winning a British Engineering Excellence Award (BEEAs).

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driving simulator for end-to-end vehicle development

Ansible Motion unveils driving simulator for end-to-end vehicle development

UK-based Ansible Motion, an advanced automotive simulation tech provider has revealed the details of its production Delta series S3 Driver-in-the-Loop (DIL) simulator. The company says it is the ...

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Ansible Motion receives The Queen’s Award for Enterprise at ceremony in Hethel

Ansible Motion, pioneering specialist in Driver-in-the-Loop (DIL) vehicle simulation technology, has received The Queen’s Award for Enterprise. The award was presented to company founder Kia Cammaerts by the Queen’s representative The Lady ...

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digital simulation is used in tire development projects

Model Citizens

As digital simulation continues to evolve, TTi examines its continued use in tire development projects.  Digital modeling tools are playing an ever-increasing and important role in new tire developments. They offer benefits ...

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Honda R&D Selects Latest Ansible Motion Delta S3 Driver-in-the-Loop (DIL) Simulator

Honda R&D Selects Latest Ansible Motion Delta S3 Driver-in-the-Loop (DIL) ...

Class-leading Delta S3 DIL simulator offers flexible virtual test tool for engineering future Honda road and motorsport technologies.

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How to be an ace engineer: Simulation guru Kia Cammaerts

How to be an ace engineer: Simulation guru Kia Cammaerts

Having experienced the bleak reality of working with underfunded Formula 1 teams, Kia Cammaerts turned an engineering passion project into a full-time career and today services some of the world's biggest manufacturers with industry-leading ...

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simulation supports GM’s development strategy

Exclusive: How simulation supports GM’s development strategy for ...

Following its successful deployment of virtual development on the C8 Corvette, General Motors is embracing the approach to engineer its all-new Ultium ...

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the engineer

Using driver in the loop simulation to guide electric vehicle development

Electric vehicles pose many new questions, can driver in the loop simulation answer them? Chris Pickering spoke to simulator manufacturer Ansible Motion

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New Australian research facility to harness DiL simulation

New Australian Research Facility to Harness DIL Simulation

Deakin University in Victoria, Australia, is to establish a Next Generation Motion Simulator Platform facility, supported by the Victorian state government and due to open in late 2021.

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automotive testing technology international

Back to Reality

ATTI interviewed several industry professionals about the testing areas where simulation is king, the parts where physical testing is still needed, and which of the two is their preferred method of development. Kia Cammaerts, Technical Director ...

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Engineering the GMC Hummer EV

Engineering the GMC Hummer EV

GMC’s new Hummer EV blends brains, brawn, and batteries into one impressive package. Incredibly, the electric truck and SUV were ...

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Under the skin: How to create a better tyre with simulators

Under the skin: How to create a better tyre with simulators

Tyre giant Continental aims to cut test mileage for new tyre development by 59,000 miles a year using a driving simulator. Advanced driving simulators have become an ...

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Toyota Boshoku Driver-in-the-Loop simulator

Exclusive look at the Toyota Boshoku Driver-in-the-Loop simulator

Toyota Boshoku have shared exclusive insight into their Ansible Motion Delta series dynamic DIL simulator, which was installed in Japan earlier this year in ...

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gm uses ansible motion simulator to design corvette C8

VIRTUAL vs REAL! Driving the General Motors Corvette C8 simulator

Forest Byrd of TC9700Gaming got an exclusive look at the General Motors simulator to see how they used their

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Interview: Kia Cammaerts, technical director, Ansible Motion

Interview: Kia Cammaerts, technical director, Ansible Motion

ATTi talks to Kia Cammaerts of Ansible Motion to find out how state-of-the-art simulators are being used to advance vehicle, tire and powertrain testing programs.

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The Queen’s Award for Enterprise

Ansible Motion awarded The Queen’s Award for Enterprise

Ansible Motion, the pioneering specialist in Driver-in-the-Loop (DIL) vehicle simulation technology, has been awarded The Queen’s Award for Enterprise. The Norwich-based company is one of 205 to receive the award on the grounds of remarkable ...

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Continental to test tires in dynamic driving simulator

Press Release: Continental to test tires in dynamic driving simulator

Hanover, April 7, 2021. Continental is investing in a state-of-the-art dynamic driving simulator in order to develop its premium tires for the ...

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First to the Finish

How can simulators accelerate race car development off the track? Nick Fleurot explains the advantages

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Digital Product Development with Driver in the Loop

Webinar: Digital Product Development with Driver in the Loop

Ansible Motion and AVL to present a webinar on March 17, 2021 at 11:30 AM GMT titled Digital Product Development with Driver in the Loop. 

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dil simulator testing ADAS

Under the skin: Why clever driver assist tech rules sims

Advanced driver assistance features have been around for well over two decades (if you count the earliest cruise control) and there’s no doubt that the roads are safer for them. But as the list of features, sensors and software grows and ...

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Ford use of Ansible Motion Simulators

Virtual to reality: How Ford converts data into cars

We wanted to share news about the use of Ansible Motion simulators in automotive design.

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DIL can help ADAS understand uncommon scenarios

DIL can help ADAS understand uncommon scenarios

Recently, press reports in the UK recounted a scenario whereby vehicles with ADAS were being confused by a cattle grid (a metal grate in the road surface to prevent cattle crossing). The grid was cut into a steep section of road, and due to the ...

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Hethel-based Ansible Motion picks up two Broadland & South Norfolk Business ...

Acknowledging its manufacturing excellence and growth, Norfolk-based Ansible Motion, a trusted specialist in Driver-in-the-Loop (DIL) vehicle simulation technology, has been awarded with two Broadland & South Norfolk Business Awards for ...

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BMW upgrades ansible motion driving simulator

Upgrade to a new Ansible Motion driving simulator enables more efficient and ...

Ansible Motion can confirm that BMW Group has upgraded to its new, class-leading Delta S3 driving simulator to acquire more accurate and representative data to develop, refine and validate the latest ...

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6th Symposium Driving Simulation 2020

Ansible Motion presenting at the 6th Symposium Driving Simulation 2020

The symposium gathers international specialists from the science and industry in the field of driving simulation and autonomous driving.

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manufacturing management magazine


Gavin Farmer, commercial group manager of Ansible Motion, speaks to Manufacturing Management about the recent increase in online training in the engineering sector and how simulation-based technology is set to drive the long-term trend towards ...

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ansible motion expands its team

Ansible Motion expands team in response to simulation growth

Ansible Motion, the pioneering specialist in Driver-in-the-Loop (DIL) vehicle simulation technology, has widened its pool of talent with three new appointments to its engineering and ...

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2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E Virtual First Drive: Hitting Its Mark

It’s very easy to see an electric car and get wrapped up in minutiae on its battery size, number of motors, charge rate, or even the electrical infrastructure that underpins the system... ...we ventured down to the heart ...

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driving simulators are so useful

This is why driving simulators are so useful

Driving simulators are in demand now more than ever, providing repeatable laboratory-like environments to test and validate the rising number of User Interfaces (UI) and ...

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Virtual training: can technology come to the rescue?

As lockdown grounds engineers, all face-to-face training is cancelled – but the show must go on. How can the sector ensure professionals learn the essential practical skills they need? Is virtual reality the answer?

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Portable simulators

Designed to meet demand from chassis and safety engineers, compact simulators are now offering opportunities across multiple departments of ...

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Using driving simulators to navigate the ‘new normal’

As COVID-19 continues to impact the global automotive industry, OEMs and Tier Ones are looking at how to minimise cost, catch up lost lead time and ultimately, create new products that will stimulate demand to buy again.

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Why simulation is an ever-evolving battleground

Why simulation is an ever-evolving battleground

The development of simulation to become an all-encompassing development tool has been ...

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Don't Forget the Driver

Designed to meet demand beyond traditional use cases, compact simulators are now offering opportunities across multiple departments of OEMs to solve market problems in a more immersive environment. Gone are the days of the simulator being solely ...

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Why simulation is on the up in the automotive sector

The automotive industry is seeing rapid changes in the way it provides mobility to the mass population.

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engineering integrity society

Ansible Motion presenting at Instrumentation, Analysis and Testing Exhibition

Ansible Motion is pleased to be a presenter at the 2020 Instrumentation, Analysis and Testing Exhibition, which will take ...

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Ford Mustang Mach-E Development

When Ford elected to transform its upcoming all electric SUV from a straightforward compliance vehicle to a Mustang it made life a whole lot harder for the development team.

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automotive testing technology international

Researchers target cure for car sickness

Ansible ...

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Ansible Motion Theta C driving simulator at Michelin

Leading tire manufacturer acquires Ansible Motion Theta C compact driving simulator to assist with research and development work. In order to expand its research, development and simulation capabilities,

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Driving Simulator Used to Design Mid-Engine Chevrolet Corvette

Article written by Graham Heeps.

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Autonomous, it is getting nearer, but will it stop?

It sounds futuristic in a 1950s kind of way. The autonomous car or, in more layman's terms, the driverless car harks back to the days of the space race when post-war technology would take the strain out of everyday chores, and that included ...

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Sim-ply the best: Virtually driving a Ford GT endurance racer

Article by: Matt Prior Editor-at-large, Autocar   I think the first time I used a car simulator that felt ...

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Simulation Trends in the Automotive Industry

It's hard to believe but Driver-in-the-Loop simulation has been an increasingly vital tool for vehicle engineers for over 50 years now. From early efforts that involved strapping cars into unwieldy Stewart hexapod platforms, through to today's ...

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AML Theta C compact driving simulator

New Product: Ansible Motion Theta C compact driving simulator

Introducing Theta C, a compact, self-contained and powerful driving simulator that can be used to validate driver assistance systems and autonomous technologies in today’s vehicles. With its compact footprint and sophisticated computational ...

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Ford Busts the Myth that EVs Aren't Fun to Drive

Ford recently published a myth-busting video on YouTube, showing the benefits of using an immersive Driver-in-the-Loop simulator to help inform the design of electric vehicles, helping to make them responsive and fun to drive.  We thought ...

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GM Shares More About the Simulator Technology Used to Develop the 2020 Corvette ...

General Motors recently pulled back the screen a little to show the world some of the technology used in the development of the 2020 Stingray in a recent interview with GM lead performance engineer, John Wilkinson.

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How ADAS simulation tech keep drivers in the loop

In all walks of life, culture can have a major influence on user-behaviour. Automotive engineers have also realised this, developing different versions for global markets. Think of the recent proliferation of long-wheel-base ...

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Car Sickness Research:  Moving Base Driving Simulators

Applied Ergonomics has published new research findings regarding the use of full ...

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VDI Awards: Ansible Motion ADAS Dynamics Testing Simulator

Joint 2nd place for VDI's Development Tool of the Year has been awarded to Ansible Motion for its ADAS Dynamics Testing Simulator that was developed to help car manufacturers better understand how drivers will cope with and respond ...

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Ill Effects - Autonomous Cars & Motion Sickness

One of the biggest concerns of self-driving cars is the likelihood of them causing kinetosis in occupants. ATTI speaks to developers about how ...

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Inspirational Woman: Rachel Bridge | Communications Coordinator, Ansible Motion

Founded in 2015, WeAreTechWomen helps women working in technology via its work with over 40 multi-sector corporate organisations, helping them to ...

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Rise of the Machine

Simulation has become a vital part of the engine development process but could it really replace physical powertrain prototyping? 

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Driving the world’s most advanced simulator

Calling this the most incredible driving simulator on the planet would be an understatement. The temptation is to draw comparisons with off-the-shelf racing games like Forza ...

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Driving Simulator Manufacturer Expands UK Facilities

Ansible Motion expands its Norfolk manufacturing and R&D facility UK-based driving simulator manufacturer Ansible Motion has secured a grant towards its ...

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My engineering journey: Ansible Motion's Technical Director Kia Cammaerts

With over 120,000 members in 140 countries, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) has been at the heart of the Mechanical Engineering Profession since 1847. Recently, IMechE profiled Ansible Motion's ...

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Ansible Motion presenting at Steering Systems USA 2019 Conference

Phil Morse from Ansible Motion will host a Working Group titled, “Driver-in-the-Loop (DIL) Simulator Technologies for Steering System Development and Evaluation” at the upcoming, inaugural

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Driving Simulator developed for ADAS dynamics testing

A simulator has been developed by Ansible Motion that helps car manufacturers better understand how drivers will cope with and respond to the rising number of driver assistance (ADAS) and autonomous ...

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Call for AEB to be Standardised

Since automated emergency braking (AEB) was first introduced, initially to prevent a collision with a slower or stopped vehicle ahead, it has been enhanced in many cases to recognise much more - pedestrians and cyclists, for ...

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How Immersive Driving Simulators Help Car Makers

There’s a uniquely human aspect to testing and developing new cars. Despite the quantifiable data available, a human driver is arguably the ultimate arbiter of how well a car handles and performs. Beyond subjective appeal, cars also have to ...

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Queasy Rider:  Passenger Sickness in Autonomous Vehicles

Among the numerous possibilities a fully autonomous vehicle will promise, maybe the most attractive selling point for the general public is the ability to turn on, tune in, and drop out.  However, the exciting prospect of reading, working or ...

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Helping to Design and Build Driving Simulators while Traveling the World

Steve, an ace apprentice, spent time with Ansible Motion, helping to design and build driving simulators while traveling the world. This is no ordinary apprenticeship. So, how is it possible? 

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Experimentation in the Virtual World

A Driver in the Loop (DIL) simulator is a mechanism for creating an immersive automotive environment for real people. If a simulator can create an illusion that is so convincing that a driver responds as ...

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Automotive Simulation & Modelling: Digital Domain

Phil Morse from Ansible Motion explains why humans will still have a significant role to play in the development of autonomous and ADAS technologies   With the costs to develop any new vehicle easily reaching ...

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Visionary technology

Paul Bray explains the key differences between visualisation and simulation and how AV technology is allowing an industry sector to design and test solutions to the highest standards.

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Tackling Car Sickness in Autonomous Vehicles

The introduction of autonomous vehicles will bring a lot of uncertainty for drivers, workshop engineers and automotive manufacturers alike - and time is soon running out, as car makers are promising full hands-off SAE Level-4 autonomy as soon as ...

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Humans have a significant role in developing autonomous and ADAS technologies

With the costs to develop any new vehicle easily reaching a billion dollars, car makers are keen to uncover savings in R&D budgets. With increasing emissions and safety regulations, the diversity of legislation across the globe, and ...

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Virtually Autonomous

Over the past two decades increasingly powerful simulators have revolutionised car design and development. Now, tools built to hone circuit performance are being utilised to spearhead the design of the automated road cars of the future. 

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Site Visit to Ford's Driving Simulator Lab

With demand from race and road car development teams on the increase, Ford Performance has invested in a second driving simulator at its technical center in Concord, North Carolina, USA. The Ansible Motion full-motion driver-in-the-loop ...

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science direct

Using composites to build a better driving simulator

The benefits of composite materials are now widely appreciated in the automotive industry. From city cars to Indy 500 race cars, the unique blend of low weight and high stiffness offered by carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CFRP) and other ...

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Developments in Automotive Simulation - 2018 Predictions

With vehicle development lead times now shorter than ever before, car manufacturers are relying on human-in-the-loop driving simulators to meet deadlines while also ensuring the validation of a growing ...

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Electric and autonomous driving boosting simulator demand

Ever wondered how regenerative braking in hybrid and electric cars is calibrated by engineers? Or how the changeover from AI to human drivers will be validated in the future? These and many other vehicle development conundrums are being solved by ...

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Simulation During Development

Rapidly evolving simulation technology is transforming motorsport at an unprecedented rate. PMW talks to the industry's heavyweights about how the tech is helping.  A better ...

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Solve motion sickness to win at autonomous driving

Autonomous cars are coming, bringing with them a new definition of the daily commute. As the responsibility of driving passes to artificial intelligence (AI) systems, everybody becomes a passenger with time on their hands. The question then will ...

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Ansible Motion Exhibiting at DSC 2017 Europe, Driving Simulation Conference & ...

  Ansible Motion is pleased to be an exhibitor at this week's

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Ansible Motion secures share of £4.7m UK government fund for international ...

Major exporting success is a step closer for East-of-England firms which have benefited from a multi-million pound government funding pot to help businesses gain an international foothold.

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Driver-in-the-Loop and ADAS evaluation

The increasing adoption of advanced driver assistance systems presents a fascinating challenge for verification and testing engineers. Perhaps more so than any other aspect of a vehicle, this is where ...

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autonomous vehicle development

Ansible Motion to present at the Autonomous Vehicle Technology World Expo 2017

Autonomous Vehicle Technology World Expo 2017 is an international event covering all modes of automated personal transportation, from passenger cars, buses and coaches to trucks and industrial vehicles.  Exhibitors and ...

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Driving The Future of Vehicle Development

It’s rare that we at

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Self-driving Cars Make Me Nauseous

One of the major benefits of our self-driving future is just how much more gosh-darn ...

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Ansible Motion presenting at Mechanical Simulation's 2017 VehicleSim User ...

Phil Morse from Ansible Motion will present "The Physics of Driver-in-the-Loop Simulation" during the first day of Mechanical Simulation's

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Jeff-Gordon-Tests-Chevy-Simulator-by-Ansible-Motion .png

Jeff Gordon Tests Chevy Simulator | NASCAR RACE HUB

NASCAR champion, Jeff Gordon recently presented his driving impressions of the Chevy racing simulator. He visited the simulator facility with

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Vehicle development is increasingly taking place via simulation

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF… Ian Haigh, Senior Development Engineer at Ansible Motion Ltd, tells us about how vehicle development is changing, ...

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autocar professional magazine

Ground-breaking dynamics grade motorcycle simulator enables Driver-In-The-Loop ...

A ground-breaking vehicle dynamics grade DIL simulator for motorcycle applications is being developed to allow manufacturers to evaluate alternative chassis configurations using riders with different styles and ability levels in a ...

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Hacking your brain: We drive the £3m simulator designed to break your senses

The 2017 Formula show has begun, and new rule changes mean drivers such as Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel will be racing with cars unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Wider and longer than last year’s cars, this year’s racers will also ...

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Driver-in-the-loop ADAS testing

The increasing adoption of advanced driver assistance systems presents a fascinating challenge for verification and testing engineers. ...

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Combating motion sickness in autonomous-driving simulators

Motion sickness has become a very real issue for engineers developing and testing autonomous vehicle technologies. Automotive ...

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7 ways driving simulators are influencing the design of new cars

The growth of cloud computing and other new technologies means car manufacturers will soon be able to predict how designs will perform with unforeseen levels of accuracy. 1. Safe testing for autonomous cars The ...

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Developing Cars in the Digital Domain

Frustrated your existing car doesn’t connect seamlessly to your latest phone? Desirous of better fuel economy (or fuel economy monitoring)? To keep pace with consumers’ demands in the real world, the global automotive industry is relying on a ...

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Mankind vs machine: Can our bodies keep up with the evolution of gadgets?

In June 2010, during the launch of the iPhone 4, Steve Jobs first introduced the 'retina display', saying: "It turns out there's a magic number right around 300 pixels per inch, that when you hold something around to 10 to 12 inches away ...

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Hethel simulation firm aiming to steer the future of driverless cars

From its base near Hethel, England, Ansible Motion constructs high-end simulators and tools for some of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers and motorsports firms.  Now, in keeping ahead of the curve, it has begun to examine what it ...

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Car industry turns to simulators to combat motion sickness

The arrival of the autonomous car is set to pose a lot of technical ...

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Simulating motion sickness for Driverless Cars

Simulating Motion Sickness for Driverless Cars

Ansible Motion is using Driver-in-the-Loop simulation technology to enable designers to make piloting an autonomous vehicle less nauseating. With more people likely to be reading or using screens in their autonomous cars, ...

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Ansible Motion Exhibiting at DSC 2016 Europe, Driving Simulation Conference & ...

  Ansible Motion is pleased to be an exhibitor at the upcoming

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European F3 driver Callum Ilott visits Ansible Motion for a Driving Simulation ...

During the summer break, European Formula 3 driver Callum Ilott took some time out from his busy media schedule to visit Ansible Motion.

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The role of humans in the testing of autonomous cars

The interest in, and ...

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Pushing The Boundaries of the Digital Domain

The automotive industry is on the cusp of a digital revolution, with new ideas and improvements to existing techniques set to transform the way we develop cars, says

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Autonomous Vehicle Testing in the Simulator

On the surface, the rise of the autonomous car might appear to render human drivers a little superfluous in the development process. The reality of course is very different.   If you think about it, we’re at a fascinating ...

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New platform for advanced auto engineering simulation

Jonathan Newell tries out the Delta Series engineering simulator from Ansible Motion for vehicle dynamics and ADAS testing and development. Located at the modern Hethel Engineering Centre near Norwich, Ansible Motion’s high ...

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Ansible Motion receives prestigious automotive industry innovation award

Global judging panel selects Delta series DIL simulator for 2016 Vehicle Dynamics International Innovation Award Following nomination from industry experts and selection from a global and ...

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Creeping closer to fully autonomous driving

While self-driving cars are not yet available to the public, more and more models across all segments now offer some form of advanced assistance to the driver. To get a sense for where we are along the road toward autonomous driving, here ...

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Virtually Possible - Driver-in-the-Loop Simulation for Tire Design and ...

Driver-in-the-Loop motion simulators are becoming an accepted tool in tire design and development.  What are the limits of these systems and what can be done to improve the fidelity of the ...

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The Importance of Sound For Emotional Involvement In Driver in the Loop ...

In a far flung corner of Norfolk, a team of simulator engineers has been focussing not only the driving experience but also the aural one, too. Ansible Motion recognised the importance of sound for accurate driver feedback for its ...

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Driving Simulation Without Tears—Or Nausea

Driving simulators that fool only most of your senses most of the time can make you sick to your stomach, particularly when you’re pushing your virtual car to its limits, as test drivers must do.  

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Engineering Students Get a Glimpse of Advanced Simulation

Automotive engineering students from Cranfield have been given insight into the latest advanced driver-in-the-loop simulation technology at Ansible Motion. Simulator manufacturer Ansible ...

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Human Factors Testing of Vehicle Active Safety Systems Using Driver-in-the-Loop ...

Human factors Testing active safety ...

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Ford GT Hits the Ground Running: Use of Ansible Motion DIL Simulators

The March 2016 issue of Automotive Testing Technology International has an article about the reemergence of the Ford GT at the 2016 Detroit Auto ...

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Ansible Motion on using full motion simulators to validate ADAS – Q&A

With ever increasing complexity comes the challenge of testing in the real world. Matthew Beecham spoke to Kia Cammaerts, founder of Ansible Motion, manufacturers of 'engineering-class' driver in the loop (DIL) simulators, to learn how such ...

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The Blue Oval Office

Stockcar Engineering paid a visit to Ford's new technical center to see how it's taking the fight to its NASCAR rivals with F1 spec technology. At the heart of this new hi-tech engineering lead approach to racing, especially NASCAR, ...

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How digital prototyping is cutting development time and costs for new models

Computer simulation for crash testing, aerodynamics ...

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Will better driving simulators lead to better cars? - evo Connectivity

One UK-based company thinks it can aid future car development with advanced simulation technology How do we make better cars? ...

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Harman, Ansible Motion reveal the importance of sound in DIL simulation

Although cars have become increasingly quiet in recent years, ground-vehicle simulation company Ansible Motion emphasises the importance of sound for accurate driver feedback and has been working ...

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Future of Interactive 3D Simulation and Modeling Technology at ITS World ...

Phil Morse, Ansible Motion's Technical Liaison, will be speaking on Tuesday October 6 at the Intelligent Transport ...

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Ansible Motion’s chief designer shortlisted for BEEAS Awards

Hethel-based design engineer

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Ansible Motion Exhibiting at DSC 2015 Europe, Driving Simulation Conference & ...

Ansible Motion is pleased to be a sponsor of the upcoming

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Taking an F1 simulator to the next level

F1i learns about F1-standard simulation and why it is so helpful to teams before having a go at a lap of ...

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Ansible Motion to present driver-in-the-loop simulation for autonomous cars at ...

Ansible Motion to present driver-in-the-loop simulation for autonomous cars at Automotive Testing Expo 2015, October 20,21 and 22 at the Suburban Collection ...

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Driving Simulator Development

At the heart of Ansible Motion's new £2m R & D facility near Norwich, is its Delta series driving simulator. This is not just a demonstrator, it is a working tool that uses simulation techniques to ...

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Sim City - Professional Motorsports World

Simulators are an integral part of the motorsports industry.  They enable testing in a variety of conditions and ...

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Testing Tires in a DIL Simulator

The extent to which

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Can driving simulators help advance the connected car?

Driver in the Loop (DIL) simulation has long been considered a powerful tool for both vehicle and component development. For traditional vehicle development work – such as ride and handling, steering, and ...

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Inside a Formula 1 Simulator

You will undoubtedly have heard Formula 1 drivers referring to the hours they spend in simulators. They are largely mysterious beasts: teams keep their setups pretty much top secret, always looking to gain an advantage over the competition. But ...

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Ansible Motion opens £2m vehicle simulation R&D facility

Vehicle simulator developer Ansible Motion has unveiled a new research and development centre that features an advanced ...

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New Directions in DIL Simulation and Modeling

Phil Morse explains how Driver-in-the-Loop simulators have evolved into serious engineering tools. ...

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Humans, simulators and the six degrees of motion

Evolution in Driver-in-the-Loop simulation has recently seen it positioned at the ...

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Ansible Motion to present driver-in-the-loop simulation for autonomous cars at ...

At the world’s largest exhibition dedicated to new vehicle development and testing, Automotive Testing Expo 2015, Ansible Motion will present its thoughts on how driver-in-the-loop simulation could assist in the development and testing of ...

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Inside the world's best driving simulator

A £2million, UK-developed driving simulator is breaking new ground for the motor industry. We get behind the wheel.

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Ansible Motion invites media to attend the opening of its new R&D Centre on ...

International Media are invited to the opening of Ansible Motion’s new Research & Development Centre, featuring a state-of-the-art ‘engineering class’ Driver-in-the-Loop (DIL) dynamic simulator. Venue: Hethel Engineering Centre of ...

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Q&A with Kia Cammaerts, founder of Ansible Motion

Vehicle simulators have changed beyond recognition in the past few years. Developments in responsiveness, graphics, together with improvements in vehicle and road surface modelling fidelity mean that today's simulators offer the potential to do ...

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Tour Ford’s Motorsports Tech Center—and Check out the Awesome Machinery Within

As one of his final acts as Ford’s president and CEO, Alan Mulally signed the check to upgrade the company’s humble Charlotte, North Carolina, NASCAR support center—affectionately known as the shack—to a lavish new facility conveniently located ...

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Right on cue - Human and Hardware in the Loop simulation (H2IL)

Driver interactions are key to Human and Hardware in the Loop simulation.  Phil Morse looks at Ansible Motion's simulation solutions. 

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Ansible Motion complete the installation of a Series 1 motion platform-based ...

Ansible Motion complete the installation of a Series 1 motion platform-based simulator for Caterham F1. The scope of supply included motion platform, vision system, vehicle dynamics software integration, hand wheel torque loading system, safety ...

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Ansible Motion Series 1 platform wins Vehicle Dynamics International ...

Ansible Motion Series 1 platform wins Vehicle Dynamics International (VDI) Development Tool of the Year award by  Vehicle Dynamics International.  

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Better by design: 10 Advantages of Ansible Motion DIL simulators