custom-DIL-2Custom products and services for DIL simulation

Ansible Motion provides a full range of products, components, subsystems and services to support new and existing driving simulator installations. This covers all areas including hardware, software, integration, mechanical and electrical design, calibration, field support and service, facilities planning and logistics.

Our in-house design and engineering team has experience serving projects that range in size from small, component-level upgrades to large scale, multi-year strategic realignments, and we stand at the ready to help customers stay operational at the leading edge of DIL simulation.

Ansible Motion custom products and services assist advanced automotive product development.


Looking down the road:

Harnessing the benefits of driving simulator technology

Custom products and services


Upgrades and subsystems

Ansible Motion supplies a broad range of subsystems that can be used independently, or added to existing DIL simulators. Some examples are:

  • various control loading and sensory cueing systems, including large scale single-axis and multi-axis motion systems
  • realistic seat, cabin and cockpit environments for driving simulators, as well as peripheral systems such as HMD and multi-projection vision systems and in-cabin dashboard and console displays
  • software integration, custom application development and data acquisition solutions, including biotelemetry and advanced monitoring systems

Special solutions

Ansible Motion designs and delivers special solutions for various testing, research and production applications. Some recent project examples are:

  • adding motion capability to an existing static DIL simulator
  • integrating an existing DIL simulator lab with a new remote mechanical Hardware-in-the-Loop (mHIL) test bench lab, including 3rd party software data exchange, operator controls and communications
  • providing a specialised vision system and sensory cueing package to convert a real car into a driving simulator

Engineering services

Ansible Motion provides continuous support services for existing customers, and also supports new projects in all areas of Driver-in-the-Loop simulation technology. Our engineering services include:

  • project based access to Ansible Motion’s DIL-specific domain experience in software programming, mechanical design, electromechanical and control system design, audio-visual design, and more 
  • dedicated technical, operational and applications support, with assigned personnel for every customer account
  • field service from our globally experienced UK-based team and project partners to ensure the highest quality installations, periodic maintenance and upgrades

DIL simulator details

Ansible Motion is passionate about details. We believe each component, each electrical connector and each user interface is important and deserving of attention. This focus leads to Driver-in-the-Loop simulators that perform on demand, every time. It also results in simulators with a fit and finish that far exceeds what is typical in the DIL industry.

Yes, automotive experts choose Ansible Motion DIL simulators because they want trustworthy, reliable test equipment. But they also know that DIL simulation laboratories are more than mere test cells – they are technical showcases meant to ignite human inspiration.

Tell us what you need. Let Ansible Motion handle the details.

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