Greek_delta_03 (1)Ansible Motion Delta series DIL simulators

The Delta series is our flagship range of dynamic DIL simulators intended for automotive product development work such as expert driver assessments, chassis dynamics, powertrain driveability, ADAS and active safety function calibration, V2X studies and HMI design evaluations.

This range of simulators includes everything required for high-fidelity, high-dynamic, human-centric vehicle simulations inside a practical laboratory space.

Ansible Motion Delta series DIL simulators are changing the approach to automotive product development.

Delta series DIL simulator content

Ansible Motion Delta series simulators always include:

  • AML SMS2® – Stratiform Motion System, Ansible Motion’s designed and patented 6-DOF motion base, in multiple size options, delivering the simulator industry’s most refined physical experience
  • a true-to-life cabin – either an AML dynamic cabin or a modified real car – that can be equipped with a full range of motion and sensory feedback systems
  • AML QCS® – Quick-change Cabin System that enables cabins to be rapidly exchanged for different vehicle experiments
  • AML DDB® – Distributed Data Bus, a powerful, synchronous real-time computing environment with open and modular software architecture
  • simulation setup and binary executable compatibility, so that experiments are portable across all Ansible Motion simulators
  • wrap-around, real-time vision systems
  • professional haptic and audio toolchain
  • extensive range of ancillary and measurement systems
  • worldwide lifecycle planning, logistics and support services

Motion without compromise

Ansible Motion Delta series DIL simulators are full-size, dynamic laboratory environments, suitable for virtual test driving of all types of ground vehicles. Well beyond covering just the basics of motion, these simulators excel in all secondary motion performance regions that contribute to realism in virtual test driving, delivering the ultimate high-dynamics, high-fidelity, high-precision experience.

Delta series DIL simulators are powerful tools for any experiment where the precision of drivers' control inputs and their perception of realistic vehicle responses is important, ranging from refined powertrain calibrations, through to limit handling evaluations.

Delta series DIL simulator motion advantages

Central to the Delta series is Ansible Motion’s patented, state-of-the-art stratiform motion system, which has an unequaled performance profile. Stratiform motion system advantages include:

  • a large, scalable footprint – which means vestibular motions are sustained for longer, delivering realism for real world driving events
  • independent motion axes – which means superior authority for combined motions to prevent position-dependent variations in acceleration
  • proprietary motion control system with more than a decade of development in the field – which means evaluators can experience the full range of vehicle behaviors from low-dynamic to high-dynamic with smooth, nuanced motion and extremely low latency
  • industrial strength and stiffness – which means a long service life and the ability to accommodate large payload masses, including real vehicle cutaways

Uniquely scalable simulation

As with all other Ansible Motion products, Delta series DIL simulators have an underlying modular architecture. The result is a full-size, dynamic simulator with unmatched flexibility and adaptability to various applications and use cases.

Elements can be modified, removed or replaced with real-world hardware and software; motion space and overall performance is highly scalable; cabins can be changed quickly so completely different vehicles can be evaluated back-to-back; and more.

This means more than being able to easily make the changes needed for daily test driving. It means having a DlL simulator that is fundamentally future-proof.


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Delta series DIL simulator applications

Due to their comprehensive performance and immersion capabilities, Ansible Motion’s Delta series DIL simulators can be deployed into most areas of automotive digital product development.

CAV, ADAS and active safety
Chassis development
Human factors, HMI and infotainment
Powertrain and EVs
Steering systems
tyre development-img
Tyre development

Trusted DIL simulator performance

Ansible Motion DIL simulators are in use, right now, in automotive R&D centres around the world. These simulators need to function reliably all day and every day. They need to perform repeatably every time. They need to deliver results that can be trusted.

With more than a dozen years of design, manufacturing and field experience with driving simulators, Ansible Motion understands the relationship between science, engineering and measurable performance.

At Ansible Motion we go beyond promising performance. We deliver it.


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