Greek_theta_02 (1)Ansible Motion Theta series DIL simulators

The Theta series is Ansible Motion's entry range of compact, stationary DIL simulators intended for virtual system integration and vehicle product development work.

This range of simulators allows real people to connect and participate with real-time vehicle simulation environments in smaller spaces such as office environments.

Ansible Motion Theta series DIL simulators provide new directions for automotive product development.

Theta series DIL simulator content

Ansible Motion Theta series simulators always include:

  • form factor options including Theta Desktop (lowest facility impact), Theta Seat (which includes a real vehicle seat and dash), and Theta Cube (self-contained and portable)
  • AML DDB® – Distributed Data Bus, a powerful, synchronous real-time computing environment with open and modular software architecture
  • simulation setup and binary executable compatibility, so that experiments are portable across all Ansible Motion simulators
  • real-time vision systems
  • professional haptic and audio toolchain
  • extensive range of ancillary and measurement systems
  • worldwide lifecycle planning, logistics and support services

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Driver-in-the-Loop DNA

Ansible Motion Theta series Driver-in-the-Loop (DIL) simulators are compact yet powerful. Advanced capabilities are made possible by the same Distributed Data Bus (AML DDB®) architecture that powers Ansible Motion’s full-size Sigma and Delta DIL simulators. This shared Ansible Motion DIL simulator DNA opens up a world of possibilities.

On their own, Theta DIL simulators are powerful enough to include high fidelity elements such as engineering class steering torque feedback and real-time, digital twin graphics environments. As part of a DIL simulator ecosystem, Theta DIL simulators have multiple add-on features and expansion pathways, and they are perfect workflow companions for larger simulators.


Ansible Motion Theta series DIL simulators


ThetaC-icon2Theta Cube

Ansible Motion’s Theta Cube DIL simulators bring the realism of large, permanently installed systems into a self-contained, compact and portable package that enables true engineering class Driver-in-the-Loop simulation.

Ideal for studies around highway and city driving that do not require vestibular motion, Theta Cube provides an authentic driving environment, complete with a realistic car seat, dashboard, centre console and some of the same motion and sensory feedback systems found in our dynamic Delta series DIL simulators. The standard 2m cube includes a mini operator station behind the driver, but it is also possible to access the controls directly from the driver’s seat, allowing one person to operate the complete system.


ThetaS-icon2Theta Seat

Ansible Motion’s Theta Seat DIL simulator is more flexible in its form factor than Theta Cube, while also expanding upon the content and functionality of Theta Desktop. This provides an environment to carry out detailed virtual test driving studies with what is still a compact and cost-effective DIL simulator.

The driver sits in an actual car seat with realistic visual, haptic, audio and vehicle control elements. As with the Theta Cube and Theta Desktop, the system is based on the same scalable architecture as all Ansible Motion simulators, guaranteeing setup and binary executable compatibility as well as expansion possibilities.


ThetaD-icon2Theta Desktop

Ansible Motion’s Theta Desktop DIL simulator is a powerful DIL simulation tool for validating vehicle models, virtual environments and traffic scenarios.

It brings virtual worlds to engineers’ desks, providing seamless and efficient human connectivity for automotive development workflows and experiments. The computational environment is more powerful than any desktop DIL simulator on the market, allowing scalability, connectivity to external physics, HIL, SIL and scenario tools and the capability to port models with confidence straight into immersive static or dynamic DIL simulators.

Theta series DIL simulator applications

Ansible Motion Theta series DIL simulators are compact and portable enough for use in office environments, and powerful enough for automotive digital product development work in key areas.

CAV, ADAS and active safety
Chassis development
Human factors, HMI and infotainment
Powertrain and EVs
Steering systems
tyre development-img
Tyre development

Driving simulator hardware and software

Ansible Motion Theta series DIL simulators provide a gateway to the world of virtual test driving. Offered in multiple configurations with a number of hardware and software options, Theta DIL simulators invite human participation in the digital world, bringing vehicle simulations to life.

As virtual test driving environments, Theta series DIL simulators are often used for:

  • hands-on assessment of real-time vehicle modeling physics functionality and fidelity
  • driving evaluations that require connectivity to HIL, SIL, mHIL and test bench environments
  • simulation of sensors and world space for ADAS and Active Safety experiments
  • complex actor and traffic scripting
  • working with partners, suppliers and internal groups on vehicle, sub-system and scenario modeling

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