Greek_sigma_02 (1)Ansible Motion Sigma series DIL simulators

The Sigma series is our middle range of full-size, stationary DIL simulators intended for vehicle product development work such as expert driver assessments, ADAS and active safety function calibration, V2X studies and HMI design evaluations.

This range of simulators enables high-fidelity, human-centric vehicle simulations inside practical laboratory spaces where everything except large scale motion can be accommodated.

Ansible Motion Sigma series DIL simulators are gathering new insights for automotive product development.

Sigma series DIL simulator content

Ansible Motion Sigma series simulators always include:

  • a true-to-life cabin – either a docked AML QCS® dynamic cabin or a modified real car – that can be equipped with the full range of motion and sensory feedback systems found in our dynamic Delta series DIL simulators
  • AML DDB® – Distributed Data Bus, a powerful, synchronous real-time computing environment with open and modular software architecture
  • simulation setup and binary executable compatibility, so that experiments are portable across all Ansible Motion simulators
  • wrap-around, real-time vision systems
  • professional haptic and audio toolchain
  • extensive range of ancillary and measurement systems
  • worldwide lifecycle planning, logistics and support services

Synchronous simulation

A key requirement of any engineering-class driving simulator is synchronous, real-time execution of multiple applications. For example, scenario graphics, driver controls, HIL or SIL sensor arrays, and driver feedback devices – such as steering torque feedback – must all be perfectly harmonised in order to deliver a realistic simulator experience for the human participant.

Sigma series DIL simulators share the same AML DDB® computing environment as Ansible Motion’s fully dynamic Delta series DIL simulators – and can even share use of docked AML QCS® dynamic cabins – so they are already perfectly positioned to deliver optimum real-time performance and handle even the most complex virtual test driving experiments.

AML Sigma series DIL

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Sigma series DIL simulator applications

Ansible Motion Sigma series DIL simulators include full-size cabins and highly immersive visuals. These are the key elements for realistic virtual test driving in many areas of automotive digital product development.

CAV, ADAS and active safety
Human factors, HMI and infotainment
Powertrain and EVs
Steering systems
tyre development-img
Tyre development

Digital product development

Ansible Motion Sigma series DIL simulators are being used today to create and optimise the products of tomorrow. Anything imaginable can be evaluated by real people in fully digital scenarios or in a hybrid mode that includes some real components in the loop.

Sigma series DIL simulators are powerful experimental virtual test driving platforms that help:

  • explore test scenarios that in real life could be dangerous or difficult to set up
  • significantly reduce prototype costs and unexpected costs late in the development cycle
  • enable design confirmations and virtual sign-offs at a very early phase
  • shorten time-to-market
Sigma cabin

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