Ford Busts the Myth that EVs Aren't Fun to Drive

Ford recently published a myth-busting video on YouTube, showing the benefits of using an immersive Driver-in-the-Loop simulator to help inform the design of electric vehicles, helping to make them responsive and fun to drive.  We thought you would enjoy it too so we are sharing the video here along with the transcript. 


Video Transcript:

What we're trying to do with the simulator is give the experience of what an electric vehicle can be.

All set to switch.


An electric vehicle has amazing acceleration. People instantly can feel the difference between a normal vehicle and an EV.

Man, that was awesome!

We are at Gratton Raceway. We're coming out of the simulator world into the prototype stage.

We want to ensure we have that driving fun in the vehicle and freedom on the track.

It has great directional control, tremendous feedback,

Good ride, great steering, great track performance.

A battery electric vehicle can totally deliver the excitement on the road.

I don't think anyone's expecting to get an electric vehicle that'll be this good to drive.

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