Norxe and Ansible Motion: A shared vision in driving simulation

norxe-logoIn the world of automotive innovation, the race to develop safer and more efficient vehicles is relentless. To stay ahead, automotive companies are increasingly turning to advanced simulation tools to evaluate their products before they hit the road. Ansible Motion, a leading provider of Driver-in-the-Loop (DIL) simulation solutions, has emerged as a game-changer in this field.

The partnership between Ansible Motion and Norxe is a testament to the power of collaboration in the pursuit of automotive engineering excellence. By combining Ansible Motion’s high-fidelity DIL simulation tools with Norxe’s dynamic, real-time projectors, these companies are not only meeting the demands of today but also shaping the future of automotive testing. Together, they are driving innovation and ensuring that tomorrow’s vehicles are safer, more efficient, and ready for the challenges of the road ahead.


Ansible Motion is at the forefront of DIL simulation technology, offering high-fidelity simulation tools that enable real individuals to participate in virtual test drives. This unique approach allows automotive companies worldwide to evaluate tomorrow’s vehicles today, minimizing risks and maximizing the efficiency of the development process. In a DIL laboratory setting, where vehicle evaluators and engineers scrutinize pre-production vehicles, components, and active safety systems, creating a highly realistic sensory experience is paramount.

One of the cornerstones of an effective DIL simulation is providing an experience that convinces the participants that they are driving a real car in a real-world environment. Visual immersion is important to achieving this level of realism. To meet this challenge, Ansible Motion often turns to Norxe for their expertise in dynamic, real-time projectors.

The alliance between Ansible Motion and Norxe isn’t a random occurrence; it represents a deliberate and strategic corporation of their respective strengths. Norxe’s Iain Ambler, Director of Business Development UK & Ireland and Australia explains:

Having worked with Ansible Motion in recent years, I’ve witnessed firsthand their passion and incredible level of engineering expertise that they build into their simulators. It’s truly an honor to have the opportunity to work alongside Ansible Motion and provide Norxe products that perfectly align with the high-quality simulation systems they offer to their customers.

Ian Haigh, Sales Team Lead of Ansible Motion’s Commercial Group, asserts:

Most of our projects are quite complex, and we know that Norxe is a project partner that understands that attention to detail is always required. Norxe also gives us excellent visibility of their internal development road maps, with regular updates – and this is vital to delivering cutting edge solutions to our customers.

Read the full story on the Norxe website.


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About Ansible Motion

Founded in 2009, Ansible Motion creates and deploys technology associated with the physical and logical simulation of human-experienced vehicles. We offer a range of automotive Driver-in-the-Loop (DIL) simulators featuring advanced computational and mechanical performance capabilities, and industry-unique motion and immersion solutions that create compelling virtual worlds for drivers and product development engineers.

Ansible Motion DIL simulators are used by automotive and research organisations around the globe to place real people into direct contact with imagined vehicles, on-board systems and situations. Our DIL simulators are designed, built and developed at our factory and R&D Centre in Hethel, England.

In 2022 we were acquired by AB Dynamics plc (