Penske Autosport adopts Ansible Motion’s simulator to boost Formula E team performance

pmw_logo_2Penske Autosport has introduced Ansible Motion’s Delta S3 driver-in-the-loop (DIL) simulator to its operations, aiming to improve its team’s performance in the 2024 FIA ABB Formula E Championship. The simulator will be used for hardware and software validation, circuit acclimatization, driver development and race strategy planning.

The simulator is used by high-level motorsport teams and vehicle manufacturers to develop, refine and test vehicles and technologies digitally.


Launched two years ago, the Delta S3 simulator features a 360° 48K screen, a 16m2 motion space and a fully integrated real cockpit. Ansible Motion says this setup is particularly beneficial for Formula E teams, which often have limited track time at temporary street circuits.

Penske Autosport’s adopted simulator includes Ansible Motion’s Stratiform 3 (S3) with 360° yaw capability, a large motion envelope and a Quick-change Cabin System (AML QCS). Enhanced motion cueing can be achieved through Ansible Motion’s steering, driver body loading and haptic feedback systems, fully integrated into the Formula E cockpit. In addition, Ansible Motion's sister company, rFpro, provides the accurate track surface modelling and visual content.

Nicolas Mauduit, EVP at Penske Autosport, said,

The question for us was finding the right simulator technology, and from a performance perspective Ansible Motion’s Delta S3 was the only simulator that checked all the boxes.

Ansible Motion says the Delta S3 can replicate dynamic maneuvers in real time with ultra-low latency. It is designed to allow engineers to validate torque mapping, electromechanical driver controls and other crucial areas to improve the performance of Formula E cars.


The simulator‘s integration with onboard ECUs and CANbus networks aims to facilitate real-time interaction with hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) and software-in-the-loop (SIL) systems.

Dan Clark, managing director at Ansible Motion, states:

Our Delta S3 simulator is proving to be quite versatile and unique, in that it’s being widely adopted by both vehicle manufacturers and top motorsport teams who are seeking to successfully connect real people with virtual development environments. We are delighted to supply Penske Autosport with a turnkey Delta S3 ecosystem that meets the team’s needs today and into the future.

The Delta S3 simulator, manufactured in the UK, was delivered to Penske Autosport in early May 2024 and is already operational as the team competes in Formula E’s 10th season.

Read the published article on the Professional Motorsports World website.

Or, for a deeper dive, including more technical details and simulator comments from Penske Autosport's drivers, read the coverage published by London Daily News.


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