Researchers target cure for car sickness

Ansible Motion’s Delta simulator has been used in a research study to investigate the root causes of car sickness, including driver/occupant discomfort and nausea.

Automotive_testing_technology-International_logoAnsible Motion, in a joint project with VU University’s Faculty of Behavioral and Movement Sciences, TNO’s Department of Perceptual and Cognitive Systems, and Coventry University’s Centre for Mobility & Transport, developed a bespoke simulator laboratory test protocol that accurately reproduces specific movements that are known to induce feelings of car sickness in vehicle occupants.  In one part of the study, a cohort of adult volunteers underwent multiple tests with the Delta simulator that replicate the experience of repeatedly changing lanes when driving on a highway.


What happened?

The results, when combined with other test results were remarkable, with 75% of participants experiencing varying degrees of discomfort within five minutes of beginning the experiments. More importantly, both the fraction of test subjects reporting some degree of discomfort and the severity symptoms proved directly comparable to similar studies in actual vehicles, providing assurance that such such tests can be conducted in a driving simulator lab, in advance of real-world testing.

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