The role of humans in the testing of autonomous cars

robotics and automation newsThe interest in, and momentum assigned to, the introduction of autonomous cars may appear substantial to anyone catching articles in the media.

We can certainly find plenty of aspirational images of happy people reading books or watching films whilst travelling down the motorway.  Excellent.  But our lovely ‘digital living space’ will require substantial validation before we get down that road.

the role of humans autonomous car simulation

With hundreds of (computer) processors and sensors required to offer even simple driver assistance systems, signing off a fully autonomous car with any level of confidence is not going to be an easy assignment for vehicle manufacturers. And that sign off is going to need some human involvement.

Despite the rising level autonomous, self-driving capability, people will still be at the centre of any experience vehicles released into the wild. As such, it seems natural that people will remain an integral part of the vehicle manufacturers’ development and validation process.

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