Simulator engineering details

This page is updated regularly to broadcast various details from current and past projects that might go quietly unnoticed in the context of large DIL simulator projects.

Yes, our passion for engineering is a prime motivator in sharing these details. But we also wish to invite you behind the scenes at Ansible Motion, so you can get a little closer to our creative core.


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Ansible Motion Powered Access Steps

Retractable DIL cabin access steps

DIL simulator cabin ingress/egress made easy, with our Powered Access Steps (PAS). PAS is fully integrated with our Stratiform Motion Systems’ mechanical and safety systems: When extended, PAS provides a multi-step rise, landing platform, and handrail; When retracted, PAS collapses into a low-profile platen that remains in place while the motion system is in use.


Vision system setup and calibration

Here’s a glimpse of the initial setup of a 12-projector, 360° vision system at a customer site. After we install a motion system, such as this Stratiform 3 (S3), it becomes possible to set the vision system orientation relative to the DIL simulator’s primary coordinate system. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure a perfectly cohesive sensory experience for human participants once the simulator is operational. Along the way, we get to enjoy a colourful show.


DIL in-cabin HMI

This in-cabin, touch-screen HMI has been set up in a Delta series  S3 DIL simulator to run AVL-DRIVE 4™️ software. DIL simulator labs are ideal environments for driveability assessments, and this  implementation allows the DIL driver (rather than an operator in  the control room) to assess objective evaluation targets and inform  experiments as they are happening.


Custom DIL simulator cabins

We often build carbon-fibre, monocoque cabins for our dynamic DIL simulators. This construction technique yields lightness, stiffness, high first modes and allows exact placement of hard points to meet detailed customer requirements. A close look here reveals a number of interesting elements such as: multiple servo-controlled driver loading systems; haptic stimulation for driver touchpoints; power supplies for ancillary equipment; high-power, multi-channel audio components; as well as the electronics that will support in-cabin instrument panels and switches.


360° vision system

Our latest dynamic DIL simulators have 360° yaw capability, so we're now building vision systems to match. This allows 1:1 motion cueing and representative experiences for manoeuvres such as aggressive lane changing and autonomous parking, and others in between. This example shows a 12-projector cluster and an 8m diameter full-wrap projection screen.


Movable screen

Fully immersive vision systems can be quite large, and can often have significant impact on facilities planning. We’ve encountered many special situations over the years, and we can usually create solutions that work. This example shows a 240 degree horizontal FoV projection screen that can rotate on a floor-mounted track. This allows the customer to have a required access point for services.


Seat vibration system

This under-seat device is our AML SVLS® (Seat Vibration Loading System). It provides vertical and longitudinal excitation that can be driven by audio and/or physics commands, and can provide a realism boost to virtual test driving. Because it is so compact, it effectively replaces standard seat mounting without altering the driver’s hip/heel points. It is also compatible with our entire product range, including our Theta, Sigma and Delta DIL simulators.


Power and DAQ

We design and build AML PSU® (Power Supply Unit) and AML DAQ® (Data Acquisition) units specifically for real-time Driver-in-the-Loop simulation environments. AML PSU® provides a power distribution bus to in-cabin systems, while AML DAQ® connects in-cabin displays and measurements (such as measured driver actions and selections).


Pedal emulators

Driver-in-the-Loop simulator pedals are emulators. For example, a DIL brake pedal must be mapped to the correct Force-Displacement characteristics in the absence of a real braking system. This example shows the tight packaging achievable in a case where a customer required a swappable pedal module/assembly.


DIL system installation

Our Delta series DIL simulators do not require elaborate foundation modifications (seismic masses, trenching, etc.) in advance of installation. However, some facilities planning is required in order to accommodate motion systems, computer racks, vision systems, etc. Our projects team helps customers plan ahead; our on-site crew can have a simulator operational within one week of delivery.


Head-mounted displays

Head-mounted displays (HMDs) are coming of age and we’ve included them in a number of projects to date – in most cases as a switchable option with conventional projection-based vision systems. Here’s an example of an HMD that we’ve fitted to a motorcycle helmet for a special ‘Rider-in-the-Loop’ simulator project.


Mirror emulator

AML RVD® (Rear View Display) units are mirror emulators that allow realistic views for DIL drivers in situations where there is no rear projection. The displays are perspective-corrected, packaged inside real mirror housings, and can be augmented with other visual elements such as ADAS warnings, etc.


Steering wheel emulator

Our “simulation expertise” often extends into interesting areas. In this case we designed and built a replica Formula steering wheel with a bit of a twist: 100% of the functionality had to be integrated with our dynamic driving simulator environment, and the display required a few customisations.


DIL cabin systems

Our AML RDE® (Remote Drive Enclosure) is one example of how small details support larger purposes. DIL simulator cabins can contain several motors for on-board systems such as steering torque feedback, seat vibration, seatbelt loading, etc. The AML RDE® brings the motor drivers (the interface between the motors and their control circuitry) as close to the action as possible, and it enables entire DIL cabins to be swapped quickly.



A new DIL simulator is on its way to a customer. The first of several crates is loaded onto a lorry behind our factory in Hethel, England.


Motion sickness mitigation

In an interesting DIL experiment, we tested Citroën International's SEETROËN motion sickness motion sickness mitigation glasses. They contain a coloured liquid that creates an artificial, peripheral horizon line to resolve sensory conflict. We surveyed multiple participants in multiple in-car virtual scenarios.


NASCAR test drive

Sometimes recognisable drivers climb aboard an Ansible Motion DIL simulator for a quick test drive. After he puts his helmet on, our AML HLS® (Helmet Loading System) will attach to provide supplemental cueing on the high-banked NASCAR circuit.


Advanced vision systems

We design and build complete multi-projector vision systems for our Sigma and Delta DIL simulators. In some cases, such as this 3D system where a large array of stacked projectors are in play, some custom engineering on the gantry is required due to customer facility requirements.


AML service kit

Attention to detail is necessary when it comes to providing field support services, so our support team adheres to the same standards as our engineering teams. Lots of checklists. Every tool has it’s place. This photo shows the inside of one of the service kits as it was being packed for delivery to a customer site.


AML dash display

DIL simulation often requires instrumentation that adaptable to varying experiments and situations. Our high resolution digital instrument clusters are configurable to display the information needed, including DIL-specific information required by our customers.


Gearshift emulators

Driver-in-the-Loop simulator gear selectors are emulators. For example, a manual or automatic gearshift device must be mapped to the correct Force-Displacement and detent feeling characteristics in the absence of a real transmission. This example shows the hidden engineering details required to deliver the required level of realism.

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